Playing and Creating Minecraft Puzzle Maps

Producing puzzle maps in Minecraft could be a fun activity because you produce your own presets for unique framework layers and distribution. However, it could be more pleasurable to use currently made maps even, since another person did all the ongoing do the job.

By installing a Minecraft puzzle map you will get usage of normal structures and customizations. By doing this, in case you are not the very best Minecraft player even, you can benefit from the work of learning from Minecraft creators and builders still.

For example, if you spent several weeks setting up on top of a higher mountain range an excellent castle, in the end, that building you’ll really wish to reveal it with additional players and invite them to explore your castle or actually stay in it. If this is actually the full case, then you can certainly just reveal that map on Minecraft discussion boards or upload it to a map posting site.


There aren’t only many Minecraft-loving gamers who like sharing and building, but whole teams of Minecraft map designers and builders also. They spend hundreds of hours in map creation activities in total.

The wonder of custom map downloading is that you will get the formula for the property of a map when somebody shares a seed with you. You shall obtain the same caves, rivers, ravines, and villages they have. The DNA is shared by them of the map when sharing a superflat preset with you.

Puzzle and Adventure Maps

Adventure or Puzzle maps are improved due to the Adventure Mode. If these maps were created by using in-game equipment they are just like a game-within-a-game. Experience or puzzle maps consist of obstacles that reach beyond the typical complications encountered in the standard Survival Mode and include puzzles for the gamer to resolve that are more advanced than Survival Maps.

They often include a sophisticated back story also. If you are searching for a real problem, this is the ideal map type for you personally. To be able to create the illusion of advancement in the complete story, puzzle or adventure maps usually depend on Redstone, command blocks, and various other in-game automations.

Below are a few types of fantastic puzzle maps to download, try out, and enjoy.

Master’s Hospital Minecraft Puzzle Map

This map features custom mobs, a large number of completely unique puzzles, and a “hospital” filled with masters that are employing you as their guinea pig test subject. The map carries a clock that handles your fate also. The antagonists are continuously mocking plus they are prepared to laugh at your every misfortune. This Minecraft puzzle map is certainly made for multiple players.

Hoe-Craft Minecraft Puzzle Map

This map features just one single mission: to raise to a fresh level the lowly precious stone hoe. The gemstone hoe is at the forefront of all ordinary things in this map, as nothing could possibly be gained without it.

Clueless Minecraft Puzzle Map

This Minecraft puzzle map differs from various maps because there are no indicators. This leaves totally for you how you escape the accepted place what your location is stuck in.

Destiny Minecraft / Experience Puzzle Map

The Destiny Mincraft adventure / puzzle map is among the most enjoyable maps you can play. Destiny is certainly a map which will push you to function for a feeling of coherency. In this full era, this is sometimes a good thing. To be able to play upon this map you are necessarily drawing from a good feeling of stamina and all of your Minecraft puzzle solving abilities.

Sherlock Holmes Minecraft Experience / Puzzle Map

For the fans of the Sherlock Holmes character, a dose is added by this Minecraft puzzle map of Victorian taste. Also if don’t read the clues and you merely wander around, it will be worth indulging in nearly any experience or solving any of the puzzles. The download of the Sherlock Holmes Minecraft puzzle map could be fully justified just by the rendering of Victorian London by itself.

King Spoon’s Tomb Minecraft Experience / Puzzle Map

This Minecraft puzzle / adventure map brings you within an Egyptian tomb setting. For the neophyte traveler, King Spoon’s Tomb can be brimming with hazards. This is not a simple map to explore, moving away from its way to harm you in imaginative methods.


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