A Lot of People Don’t Know About CTRL+C

I remember from school and at my first few jobs how frustrating it can be to watch people who don’t know how to use the keyboard to get stuff done faster.

I would watch in total agony as some people would select some text with the mouse, then move the cursor all the way up to the Window menu. Next, they would select Copy and then again move the cursor down to the task bar to select another application, place the cursor and then finally go back to the Edit menu and click on Paste.

It makes me want to scream.

“Don’t you people know about CTRL + C and CTRL + V???”

“How about “ALT + TAB?”

Public Service Announcement time: friends don’t let friends use the mouse for everything. Teach the unknowing some basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows. They will thank you profusely for showing them the one true path.



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