Enter the Bandit

Hey everyone, I’ve been playing more and more of Clash Royale in the past few months after I got my new iPhone 7 for Christmas. One of the things I like about CR is that just as it’s starting to get a tiny little bit boring, they manage to release some really cool new things. The latest is a new Legendary card called The Bandit. She’s pretty cool.

The Bandit is unlocked in the Jungle Arena (Stadium 9). She’s a troop which has the capacity to dash to targets that are nearby, dealing double damage if she hits with her dash against a target. Boom!

On defense, it’s possible for you to prevent a the Bandit devastation by setting poor units to be able to stop her from unleashing her dash attack on your more powerful units to target poor components including Skeletons.

The Bandit cannot dash towards targets which are within 4 tiles of her.

With no dashboard, she’s low strike and could be killed with any mini-swarm like Goblin or Guards Gang.

The Bandit is extremely powerful against components which can be spread out as her dash attack can quickly catch up out components and deals double damage.

The Bandit can flit through The Log as well as boulders without getting knocked back.

If your Spawner building is spot 3 tiles from the Bandit being subsequently placed by the river in the border of the river can enable her to dash to the Spawner building although this doesn’t work with buildings that are defensive.

Here are the vital statistics for a Level 1 Bandit. Look at that Dash Damage!

Except that among the players gets to pick who’ll make use of the Bandit in this challenge, gameplay resembles a routine Draft Challenge. They will probably have the ability to acquire the Bandit in the event the player reaches 12 wins for the very first time.

In the Bandit Challenge, you can choose to play her or give her to your opponent. Personally, I chose the Prince. Bad choice. I lost.

The Bandit gets the same hit points as a Night Witch of equivalent amount (note: the Night Witch is an upcoming card. Not yet in the game)

Her dash damage does then Battle Ram, Dark Prince, and the Prince, but she’s also quicker than them.

Here’s a weird and interesting bit of trivia I picked up about the Bandit: her personal name is Juno, in the event the language is establish to Japanese, as is shown. Very odd. But go, Juno!

P.S. Like the screenshots? I’m trying to include more of them in my game articles. Pictures > Words, right?



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