Rockhopper’s Quest and Pink Shirt Day

This is cool. The other day the staff at Club Penguin in Canada posted a picture showing them all wearing pink shirts in support of anti-bullying day. Here is the picture.

Club Penguin Pink Shirts

Did you wear a pink shirt in Club Penguin to support anti-bullying?

The big even in Club Penguin right now is Rockhopper’s Quest. He arrived again and you get to help him discover Shipwreck Island. If you are a paid member on Club Penguin you can go inside a special room on Shipwreck Island. Everyone else can still do the main quest where you assemble a special beacon. It’s a fun adventure and the cool part is you get to set sail on the Migrator, which is Rockhopper’s ship!

If you play Poptropica, the big news is that the new Vampire’s Curse island just came out for paid members. In this island, you rescue some teenagers from the clutches of a vampire named Count Bram. You can get all the cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island here.


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