Rockhopper Returns and Celebrates Coins for Change

Coins for Change 2009 has officially begun! And once again, Rockhopper has arrived on the island to kick the event off. His ship, the Migrator, pulled in this weekend and is docked at the Beach, right behind the lighthouse.

It’s really crowded inside the ship as everyone is waiting around trying to meet Rockhopper. He moves around a lot from server to server. There are a lot of Rockhopper tracker sites out there to help you find him but usually the room is already full by the time you get to the right server. I think it’s easier just to pick a popular server and park yourself somewhere. He goes lots of places but inside the ship seems to be the most popular spot to try and meet him.


Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog this time is very good. Members can buy a silver bell for 75 coins, a Coins for Change banner or 500 coins, and a Tricorn Hat for 350 coins. The hat is sweet!

There’s also a really special item called the Coins for Change donation station. This costs 75 items and it’s a furniture item that CP members can put in their igloos. Friends can donate into this bucket so you can have things like Coins for Change parties and stuff.

Rockhopper Rare Items for December 2009


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