Card Jitsu Fire

Club Penguin just released Card Jitsu Fire a day early. You can play the game right now if you are a member penguin and you already are a ninja. If you are, then go to the Fire Dojo right now to play.

Playing Card-Jitsu Fire

When you first play you’ll get an expansion set to your online card deck. You still have all the extra power cards that you’ve earned from using the decks you buy in stores.

The game is really different than normal card-jitsu. Up to four people play at once and everyone takes turns. You click on a wheel of stones in the middle of the playing area and that gives a number. You can then move that number of spaces in either direction and the resulting spot determines how the round is played. Some rounds are just of a kind of card, like fire, water, and snow. In that case, you want to play your highest card of that type. There are other special spots where you can choose which type of card to play or even take on one player in a round of “regular” card-jitsu. It’s kind of confusing at first but pretty soon you will get the hang of it.

There are no color belts in Card-Jitsu. Instead, you play for pieces of the Fire Suit that Sensei is wearing. The first piece of the fire suit that you can earn is the flame sandals. Those are pretty easy to get and you only need to win a few games to get them. The rest of the pieces are harder to earn and require a lot more wins.


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