Ruby and the Ruby Play Back on the Stage

The Club Penguin play Ruby and the Ruby just returned to the stage. It’s a really cool play. When you go inside the stage everything is in black and white. The play is a cool detective story where you have to help a woman named Ruby recover her lost ruby (get it?)

There are some good Club Penguin cheats in this play. The first is the special ruby pin hidden on the stage. To find the pin you need to click on a bunch of different things in a certain order:

  • Filing cabinet
  • lamp on desk
  • garbage can
  • book on desk
  • flower vase
  • painting on wall
  • safe

The safe will open and you will get the special Club Penguin pin of a ruby. Pretty cool!

The next secret is in the Costume Trunk Catalog. There are a lot of cool costumes from this play and there is also a secret hidden item in there. It is the Dark Detective’s Coat. Go to the middle of the catalog where there are two guys. One is a bellhop and the other is a penguin in a blue suit. Click on the doorknob in the background and then you can buy the Dark Detective’s Coat for 650 coins.


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