Awesome Club Penguin Coin Cheat – Bean Counters

Important: This cheat does not work anymore and if you try it you will get banned. So don’t try it, ok?

OK everyone once in a while you see one of those club penguin cheats that is just awesome. This is one of those. It is a one million coins cheat just like the famous DJ3K coin cheat from last August.

This one works with the Bean Counters game in the coffee shop and here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to the coffee shop
  2. Click on the java beans to walk towards them.
  3. Right before you get there, click on the igloo button next to your chat bar
  4. If you timed it just right you will be standing in your igloo and the Want to play Bean Counter window will be there.
  5. Play the game. Play it for a while until you get a lot of points.
  6. Click on the X to quit.
  7. You’ll get the coins for playing. Click OK and you’ll still be on the game screen. Just keep repeating clicking the X and OK and you will get a lot of coins. You can get up to 1 million coins this way.

Here is a video that shows how to do it!


45 thoughts on “Awesome Club Penguin Coin Cheat – Bean Counters

    1. hi

      I hate that cheat I did it and it didn’t even ****** give me 20 coins. Its soooooooooooooooo stupid no1 try it whoever does ur bound 2 get angry **** *** **** *$#% brat who made that up.

  1. EVERYONE LISTEN THIS DOESNT WORK I TRIED IT AND IT SAID: “The system has automatically removed you from the server.Please be carefull what you say and do online and remember to follow the Club Pengin rules.” Then it logged me out!

  2. same here it is rubbish it just said plz becarful wat u do and say and remember to follow club penguin rules

  3. i just tried and it said….. “Club penguin is disconecting you from this server plez say and do good things on club penguin”

  4. it doesnt work it says plz be carful wut you say and do and remember to follow the clubpenguin rules! its a fake why do you put these on if they are fake???!!! sorry about the long comment

  5. its not fake! i tried it before and it worked! it doesn’t work anymore. i found this cheat myself and it worked i think they fixed it now. if any one wants my member penguin u can have it. i will pay for the membership because im still going to be the penguin. Sometimes when u log in its not a member because i have to pay for it again. try it the next day and it might work, so heres the user and pass.
    he has ultimate safe chat so it will be very hard to ban him. if u no how to ban him i will no who u are, im warning u. my dad is the club penguin co. and i could tell him to find u. it will be very easy to find u, and my dad doesn’t really care if i cheat, plus i convinced him to let u guys go, so i will change my password and all u peoples penguins that commented will be banned and also the person who banned me’s penguin, so DO NOT BAN HIM. my dad has to pay for me to be a member and he loves money. Even if u ban me for a few hours and my dad finds out, u will be banned because that happened before and i changed my password. he said i should be playing because he payed for it. if someone bans me one more time i will never post a penguin up again. i really hate banners. some people just manage to ban people even if their penguin has ultimate safe chat. Belive me, it happened before and i feel like i shouldn’t post this up, but i don’t think its fair that ur parents don’t let u become a member. have fun with my penguin!!!

  6. ive tried this numerous amount of times doesnt work:/
    TIP TO EVERYONE!: make a fake penguin account to test out cheats, thats what i did and then you dont need to worry if its bans you. then if the cheat works; go ahead and use it on your real penguin!

  7. Yes, as gum rightly said, this cheat doesn’t work. It stoped working in late May time after my stupid friend wrote a letter in the club penguin news about it. Sorry Volthor. Now gum’s penguin is not working but I have really have one that is! I’ve noticed a few people have already been changing clothes and bying backgrounds. He/She is a non-member with a some clothes, tons of old backgrounds, all the colours, lots of hats, is currently green belt, all the mission awards…….
    The name is: Pooer Loo
    pass: rekasepul
    Now if any of you have a membership and you wanna get tons of coins like that: type in ‘club penguin money maker’. Select the amount of coins (999,999 recomended), type your name in and you will have your coins like that.
    By the way if anyone wants to know, I have a free member penguin called: iwako

  8. hahahahaha your right it said the system has automaiticly removes you from the server please be carefull what you say and do online. then i pressed ok i logged out you lier………..and fool

  9. it dosent work any more it just came up with a warning that said becareful what you say and do on clubpenguin and it had an okay button on the bottom i clicked it and it logged me out!!!!!!!

    please reply


  10. Yea it doesn’t work! I hate those frickin banners. They need to get a life. They think it’s so fun just to ban other pplz accounts. What if we banned theres! I bet they wouldn’t like that either. So it wasn’t ur fault i understand xD

  11. hey every one check this out!
    log off cp
    2. type this on 2 different posts
    3. log on to club penguin control shift f5
    you will receive 5 month membership
    10,000 cp money
    4 puffles
    a cp ice cream cone
    log off cp
    2. type this on 2 different posts
    3. log on to club penguin control shift f5
    you will receive 5 month membership
    10,000 cp

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