Good Club Penguin Cheats

Looking for some good Club Penguin cheats? Here are a few really good cheats and secrets to try in the Club Penguin game.

Aqua Grabber Made Easy

Your pink puffle can be a huge help when you play Aqua Grabber. Bring him with you the next time you play and he will put on a green snorkel and swim alongside your sub. He will produce small air bubbles from time to time and if you ever get really low on air he will make a big one for you. This is a really good cheat for Club Penguin Aqua Grabber. You can’t lose when you bring your pink puffle!

Pizza Tron 3000 Secret Dessert Mode

To enter the secret dessert level, click on the red handle that is found at the start menu for the game. All of the normal toppings will be replaced with candy toppings. You’ll also get more points for a perfect pizza.

Throw Snow Balls Really Quickly

Wanna start an unfair snowball fight? Here’s a good Club Penguin cheat to try anywhere. You can throw super fast snow balls by pressing T and then clicking your mouse button very quickly. Repeat over and over again to throw a lot of snowballs.

Skip Astro Barrier Levels

You can skip ahead levels in Astro Barrier. Just press 1, 2, or 3 right after you click the start button and you will begin at level 10, 20, or 30.

Astro Barrier Expert Level

To play the expert level in Astro Barrier, wait thirty seconds between level 30 and 31. Then shoot the blue ship that appears and you will get the expert level.

P.S. Thank you to SecretPenguin for the cheats!


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