Club Penguin New Year’s Party

The New Year’s Party is here. It’s not much of a party really but there are some cool fireworks showing in these spots…

  • Iceberg
  • Ski Mountain 

Keep an eye on the fireworks at the party and I’ll be watching for more Club penguin cheats.


7 thoughts on “Club Penguin New Year’s Party

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  2. hey! I am so excited for the new places coming up that will lead penguins into secret places….. and new games that will test our skills same like find four and mancala….. I am very sad becoz our wonderful 2009 memories stored are going and now 2010 is coming.. how wonderful the free items, parties, 1 new drama was… but then also i am very happy tooooo to start our new year with a grand blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so love u all frendz bye. 10 cheers for clubzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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