Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Secrets

There are a few new furniture catalog secrets in Club Penguin:

  1. Click on the fire pit and you can buy a candelabra for 650 cp coins.
  2. Click on the upright piano and you can buy a pipe organ for 4,500 cp coins.
  3. Click on the home stereo and you can buy concert lights. I forgot how much those cost. 😦

There’s also a new igloo catalog, and you can get a cool snow globe if you know the secret, which I’m going to tell you. lol. You have to click on the word snow everywhere it appears in the catalog, which is on pages 2, 11, 16 and 17. Then go back to page 13 and click on the window of the basic igloo. You should get a free snow globe.  


4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Secrets

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