Twisted Thicket Island Announced on Poptropica

The newest island on Poptropica will be called Twisted Thicket Island. It’s all about a deep, dark wood somewhere in Norway and you’ll come across lots of fabled and legendary creatures of the woods. The creators posted a pretty short trailer that shows off some of the things you’ll find on the island, which include:

  • a group of small weird creatures with red hair/hats.
  • a bulldozer
  • lots of vines to swing on
  • the Nokken
  • A smorgasbord!

Take a peek at the trailer right here!

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Rockhopper’s Quest and Pink Shirt Day

This is cool. The other day the staff at Club Penguin in Canada posted a picture showing them all wearing pink shirts in support of anti-bullying day. Here is the picture.

Club Penguin Pink Shirts

Did you wear a pink shirt in Club Penguin to support anti-bullying?

The big even in Club Penguin right now is Rockhopper’s Quest. He arrived again and you get to help him discover Shipwreck Island. If you are a paid member on Club Penguin you can go inside a special room on Shipwreck Island. Everyone else can still do the main quest where you assemble a special beacon. It’s a fun adventure and the cool part is you get to set sail on the Migrator, which is Rockhopper’s ship!

If you play Poptropica, the big news is that the new Vampire’s Curse island just came out for paid members. In this island, you rescue some teenagers from the clutches of a vampire named Count Bram. You can get all the cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island here.

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New Pins – Carrot and Gold Feather

Hey there’s not one but two new pins in Club Penguin this week. The first pin is the carrot pin which you can find over in the Night Club. It’s up on the stage in the back (look in the back right corner of the room).

Club Penguin Carrot Pin in Night Club

The carrot pin at the Night Club

The second pin is the Gold Feather. This is a special pin that’s here just for the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest play. In this special play, you need to go on a small quest and finding this pin is part of it. The pin is hidden outside of the Mine near the ice sculpture of Herbert the Polar Bear.

Club Penguin Gold Feather Pin Mine

The Gold Feather Pin outside the Mine.

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Back on CP

Hi everybody. sorry it has been such a long time since I posted. I left CP for a while to play some other games because Club Penguin was getting a little boring. But I am back and playing a lot now. I have a lot of things to catch up on! The only thing I am kind of sad about is that now there is a big gap in my Club Penguin pins collection but oh well! I will make some fresh new posts about everything happening in Club Penguin again. See you all on the island. Waddle on!

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Snowman Pin in Club Penguin

The newest pin in Club Penguin is the Snowman Pin. You’ll find it in the Ski Lodge Attic. If you haven’t been there in a while, go to the Ski Village on your map and then go inside the Lodge. It’s the building on the left of the winter sport shop. Then walk to the back right corner where the ladder is and go up it.

The snowman pin is in the bottom left corner of the room, sitting on top of a cardboard box.

Snowman Pin in Ski Lodge Attic

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Club Penguin Santa Suit

Seen a lot of penguins waddling around with the Santa Suit? If you’re a member, here’s how you get the different pieces.

Santa Suit

The main part of the Santa Suit is from the new mini-game in the Night Club lounge. You must be a member to go up the stairs from the lounge (now known as the workshop for the party) and then play the sleigh ride game. Drop 15 presents into the chimney and then you’ll get the suit as a reward. It’s easy!

Club Penguin Santa Suit

Santa Hat

Everyone can get the Santa Hat. You don’t need to be a member. Go to the Ski Village and get the hat from the big green box on the ground.

Free Santa Hat on Club Penguin

Santa Beard

The Santa Beard was given out as a free item during the 2006 and 2008 Christmas Parties so you need to have it from an earlier party to wear it. They didn’t give it away in either the 2007 or 2009 parties, so maybe it only comes out every other year.

Here’s what you look like with the full outfit. I added some black boots.

Santa Outfit in Club Penguin

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Christmas Holiday Party on Club Penguin

Club Penguin is now calling the Christmas Party the Holiday party. I guess that’s because some people who don’t celebrate Christmas complained and Club Penguin wants to make it feel like it is for everyone. I guess that’s ok.

Anyway, the Christmaholiday Party is really fun this year with plenty of stuff to do, especially if you are a paid member. The new thing is the Sled Ride in the sky. It’s a little mini-game where you can drop presents into chimneys and get the red Santa Suit as a reward.

The free item this year is the Santa Hat. Hmmmm. Didn’t they give that out as the free item last year too?

And there are christmas tree decorations everywhere, including a really big one in the forest.

Say, this sounds like a Christmas Party after all!

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Rockhopper Returns and Celebrates Coins for Change

Coins for Change 2009 has officially begun! And once again, Rockhopper has arrived on the island to kick the event off. His ship, the Migrator, pulled in this weekend and is docked at the Beach, right behind the lighthouse.

It’s really crowded inside the ship as everyone is waiting around trying to meet Rockhopper. He moves around a lot from server to server. There are a lot of Rockhopper tracker sites out there to help you find him but usually the room is already full by the time you get to the right server. I think it’s easier just to pick a popular server and park yourself somewhere. He goes lots of places but inside the ship seems to be the most popular spot to try and meet him.


Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog this time is very good. Members can buy a silver bell for 75 coins, a Coins for Change banner or 500 coins, and a Tricorn Hat for 350 coins. The hat is sweet!

There’s also a really special item called the Coins for Change donation station. This costs 75 items and it’s a furniture item that CP members can put in their igloos. Friends can donate into this bucket so you can have things like Coins for Change parties and stuff.

Rockhopper Rare Items for December 2009

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Card Jitsu Fire

Club Penguin just released Card Jitsu Fire a day early. You can play the game right now if you are a member penguin and you already are a ninja. If you are, then go to the Fire Dojo right now to play.

Playing Card-Jitsu Fire

When you first play you’ll get an expansion set to your online card deck. You still have all the extra power cards that you’ve earned from using the decks you buy in stores.

The game is really different than normal card-jitsu. Up to four people play at once and everyone takes turns. You click on a wheel of stones in the middle of the playing area and that gives a number. You can then move that number of spaces in either direction and the resulting spot determines how the round is played. Some rounds are just of a kind of card, like fire, water, and snow. In that case, you want to play your highest card of that type. There are other special spots where you can choose which type of card to play or even take on one player in a round of “regular” card-jitsu. It’s kind of confusing at first but pretty soon you will get the hang of it.

There are no color belts in Card-Jitsu. Instead, you play for pieces of the Fire Suit that Sensei is wearing. The first piece of the fire suit that you can earn is the flame sandals. Those are pretty easy to get and you only need to win a few games to get them. The rest of the pieces are harder to earn and require a lot more wins.

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Hot Chocolate Pin in Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is where you’ll find the new pin. It’s a Hot Chocolate pin and Club Penguin was pretty late this week in updating the site. There is also a new igloo furniture catalog with some good cheats in it. More on that later!

Club Penguin Hot Chocolate Pin

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