Collage of Minecraft Maps

This is a response to the daily post photo challenge for Collage. I love collages and lately since I have been spending all my free time playing Minecraft and collecting many Minecraft maps, my choice of collage is scenes from the game. Minecraft is a wonderful game because it allows so many people to express […]

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Making Minecraft Maps

Minecraft maps are custom-created worlds that players create and save within the Minecraft game. They entail a quest to move from one point to another, following certain restrictions. Consequently, the maps can be anything ranging from a great role playing expedition that immerses a player into a great story to an interesting puzzle map that […]

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Enter the Bandit

Hey everyone, I’ve been playing more and more of Clash Royale in the past few months after I got my new iPhone 7 for Christmas. One of the things I like about CR is that just as it’s starting to get a tiny little bit boring, they manage to release some really cool new things. […]

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